White Lightning was born out of necessity. Our original goal was to find a way to end the messy inconvenience and performance inefficiencies caused by the dirt, grease, and grime build up on his bicycle chain. White Lightning set out to develop the first and only chain lube that would “self clean”. Clean Ride™ is that product; the original White Lightning chain lube.

Today, our product lines include Lubricants (Clean Ride, Epic Ride, Wet Ride, Easy Lube), Degreasers (Clean Streak, Easy Clean), Grease (Crystal Grease), Cleaning (Matte Finisher™, Wash & Shite™, Bamboo Cycle Wipes, The Trigger™, Clean and Lube Kit, Easy Clean Tire Brush, Easy Wash), Johnnys (Chain Johnny, Wheel Johnny, Saddle Johnny, Leg Johnny, Bike Johnny), and Kits (Bicycle Repair Kit, No-Mess Chain Luber, Bicycle Chain Cleaner).