High Chairs for Metal Decking — HCM


To support reinforcing bar on metal deck or uneven forming surface.

Legs of different length to fit the design of the uneven surface.

Available in plain, hot dipped galvanized or epoxy coated finish.


Available in heights of 2″ to 9″ with leg spacing of 4-1/2″ to 10″

Two cradle types.

  • Type A positions bar perpendicular to rib.
  • Type B positions bar parallel to rib.

Order Information must include:

Cradle Type (A or B), Dimensions for A, B and C, and finish type


  • Leg span “C” must decrease as chair height decreases due to chair geometry.
  • ALL HCMs are Made-to-order.
  • Some states specify modified chair design. Approval may be required, with a drawing before manufacture of product

Download Dayton Superior Bar Support Handbook