PVC Waterstop

Waterstops are used as a barrier to prevent the passage of liquid through or across a concrete joint. It is embedded in the concrete on both sides of the joint and spans the joint, designed to accommodate lateral and transverse movement witch can cause a joint to open, close, or misalign. Durajoint is the original PVC Waterstop, and it was used to complete the St. Lawrence Seaway in the 1950’s; a monumental feat of engineering in the twentieth century; we continue to be the product of choice. Durajoint waterstop is USA manufactured to the Army Corp Specifications CRD-C 572-74, made with virgin prime virgin plastic, and is offered in a full selection of profiles. Download our profile chart.

Waterstop Profiles

  • Labryinth
  • Flat Ribbed Without Center Bulb
  • Dumbbell Without Center Bulb
  • Crack Inductors
  • Baseal Joint Seals
  • Tear Web
  • Special Shapes
  • Ribbed with Center Bulb
  • Retro FIt

Download Durajoint Waterstop Catalog

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