PMPC – Premolded Membrane Vapor Seal With Plasmatic Core

PREMOULDED MEMBRANE VAPOR SEAL WITH PLASMATIC CORE (PMPC) is a patented seven-ply, weather-coated, permanently bonded, semi-flexible vaporproofing/waterproofing membrane. It is composed of an exclusive plasmatic core suspended mid-point between two layers of a homogeneous, bituminous material, and then sealed under heat and pressure between liners of asphalt-impregnated felt and a glass-mat liner. An asphalt weather coat is applied to the glass-mat liner and covered with a polyethylene anti-stick sheet.

PMPC provides a positive, easy-to-install, economical, true vaporproofing and waterproofing system for horizontal applications. Properly applied, it stops moisture migration in footings, concrete floors, and structural slabs. PREMOULDED MEMBRANE VAPOR SEAL WITH PLASMATIC CORE is both waterproof and vaporproof.

pmpcIt offers a perm rating of less than 0.002 perms, the lowest in the industry. The product is the ultimate when a true vapor seal is required. Among its unique features is the built-in protection course, which resists jobsite puncturing and the abrasive action of concrete placement. PMPC conforms to ASTM E 1993-98.

The exclusive PLASMATIC CORE adds flexibility, greater tensile strength, and excellent handling characteristics, in addition to providing unequalled vapor barrier properties. PMPC helps meet and maintain the maximum slab moisture transfer rate of 3 lb./1000 sq. ft./24 hours, as allowed by the flooring industry’s specifications.

Representative United States patent: USPN 7,179,761. (See for further patent/intellectual property information.)

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