Continuous High Chair Upper – CHCU

Dayton Superior’s Continuous High Chair provides support for upper slab steel eliminating the need for carrier bars. Fabricated in 2″ to 15″ heights in 5′ lengths with legs spaced on 7-1/2″ centers. Available in bright basic, epoxy coated and galvanized.


Continuous High Chair Upper is used to separate two layers of steel. Runner wire on the bottom allows CHCU to rest on the lower mat of steel to support the upper mat. Available in plain, hot dipped galvanized or epoxy coated finish.


Available in heights of 2″ to 15″ in increments of 1/4″ in 5′ lengths


5′ long top wire eliminates the needs for carrier bars to support upper steel.


  • Also available in 10′ long lengths on special order.
  • CHCU has also been used to support upper steel when used on carton form surface. See carton form manufacturer data sheet for recommendations.

Download Dayton Superior Bar Support Handbook