Skudo Glass Advanced

Spray or Paint on Protection Against Construction Site Spills and Splatter

Skudo Glass Advanced is the perfect solution for all construction projects that require temporary window and glass protection from start to finish. Tough enough to withstand cement and paint splatter, Skudo® Glass Advanced will protect valuable glass and frames for up to 12 months.


  • Resists job site spills and splatter, including cement, paint and stucco
  • Can be applied at manufacturer to provide protection during transit
  • Fire Resistant to withstand welding and grinding sparks
  • Simple application with spray or roller
  • Easy peel off removal

Substrate Suitability

  • Glass, Windows, Panels and Balustrades
  • Metals, such as Stainless Steel and Aluminum
  • Cladding
  • Curtain Walls

Skudo Glass Advanced is not suitable to be applied on acrylic surfaces, but it can be used on ‘Low-e’ (low emissivity) glass.



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