Adhesive Retaining Caps


Adhesive retaining caps make overhead and horizontal installation easier by preventing the adhesive from running out of the hole. They also center the rod in the hole, making them ideal for applications where precise anchor placement is required. It may be necessary to provide support for the insert during cure time. Adhesive retaining caps are not designed to support the weight of the insert in overhead installations.

Model No. Drill Bit Diameter Cap Depth Pkg Quantity Carton Quantity Sku
ARC75-RP25 7/8″ 9/16″ 25 200 ARC75
ARC62-RP25 3/4″ 9/16″ 25 200 ARC62
ARC87-RP25 1″ 11/16″ 25 200 ARC87
ARC50RP25 1/2" 5/8 50 200 ARC50RP25
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