Roadware FSTR-30™ Thin Gel Adhesive

FSTR-30™ is a two-component hybrid polyurethane adhesive for bonding many types of dissimilar materials together. This material forms a tough shock resistant bond that resists cracking or splitting due to heavy traffic or harsh conditions.


  • Completely cures in 20-30 minutes after application for heavy traffic at 70° F. Will also cure rapidly in subzero environments
  • Thin-gel technology mixes easily, tacks quickly and bonds incredibly.
  • Excellent bonding strength in a wide temperature range to concrete, brick, tile, marble, steel, asphalt, vct, wood, Styrofoam, wood, and
  • most porous surfaces.
  • Remains flexible.
  • Will not shrink
  • Will not expand
  • Absorbs thermal and mechanical shock
  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • All material is self-mixed and delivered at the point of application.
  • No messy pot-mixing or wasted product.
  • Safe to use. Materials react quickly and are solvent and odor free with 100% solids and no VOC’s. Nonflammable.
  • Removable with an electric heat gun.
  • Self curing, does not need air or moisture to cure.


  • Bond ceramic to marble.
  • Bond stainless steel to wood.
  • Bond to glass
  • Bond to aluminum, brass and copper.
  • Bonding tack strips to concrete or wood floors
  • Bonding carpet moldings to concrete or wood floors.
  • Bonding stair nosings to concrete, wood, or steel stairs.
  • Repairing concrete cracks and spalls.
  • Bond polystyrene foamboard to itself or most anything


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