Floor Cover Guard


The original cover guard® product was developed for the temporary protection of all types of floor finishes. It is also suitable for protecting walls, bulkheads, weatherdecks, furnishings and for wrapping and containment. It was specifically designed for use within the industrial sectors of rail, aviation, naval, cruise, ferry, luxury yacht, offshore, construction, for new building, refit, repair and maintenance.

Floor cover guard® is:

  • Recommended by Ministry of Defence DNES
  • Recognised by Maritime and Coastguard Agency
  • Approved by Lloyds Register of Shipping


SKU Description Mfg Part #
34840 Cover Guard 10 Mil 3′ x 393′ CG1036DP
34842 Cover Guard 25 Mil 6′ x 180′ CG2572DP
34843 Cover Guard 40 Mil 3′ x 120′ CG4036DP
34845 Cover Guard 10 Mil 6′ x 393′ CG10372DP
34846 Cover Guard 25 Mil 3′ x 180′ CG2536DP
34847 Cover Guard 40 Mil 6′ x 120′ CG4072DP
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