AC Tech 2170™ Fast Cure System

12-Hour Cure

AC•Tech 2170™ is a 2 component, 100% reactive solids, vapor reduction epoxy that has been tested to contain ZERO VOC emissions and almost no detectable odor, making it ideal for sensitive and soon-to-be-occupied areas.

A true one coat system that requires no sand broadcasting, AC•Tech 2170™ is compatible with most flooring systems and adhesives.

This easy-to-spread epoxy resin remains bonded to properly prepared concrete with sustained alkalinity levels as high as pH 14, and moisture levels as high as 100% RH (ASTM F2170) with no upper MVER limit (ASTM F1869).

15-Year Labor and Material Warranty. Technical Support before, during and after project completion.

Features and Benefits

  • 12 Hour Cure Time
  • Single Coat System; No Sand Broadcasting
  • Tested to contain less than 0.00000 VOC Emissions
  • No Perceptible Odor; Safe for sensitive areas
  • 15 Year Material & Labor Warranty
  • Technical Support from Recognized Industry Leaders
  • Easy-To-Apply; Applicator Friendly; Consistent High Quality Results
  • Withstands 100% RH  (ASTM 2170)
  • No Upper Moisture Limit  (ASTM F 1869)
  • Resists Alkalinity to pH of 14
  • Very High Chemical Resistance
  • Very High Mechanical Resistance
  • Appropriate for Interior and Exterior Applications

Areas of Application

AC•Tech 2170™ is a concrete moisture remediation coating for all types of flooring systems in New Construction and Renovation Projects.

Use this more cost-effective formulation when the difference between a 4-hour cure and a 12-hour cure is of no consequence.

AC•Tech 2170™ has already been applied to millions of square feet in

  • Hospitals, Medical Offices, Adult Care Facilities
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Hotels and Multi-Family Housing
  • Commercial Spaces and Office Buildings
  • Retail, Grocery, Restaurants and Big Box Stores