FSTR adhesives

Securing molding and tack strips to concrete floors just got a lot easier and a lot faster. A NEW two-part polyurethane, called FSTR-30 can be dab or bead applied. Cartridge mixed and dispensed, each 300 ml. “Ratio-Pac” will hold about 200 linear feet of tack strip, permanently in place. Carpet can be stretched and installed in 20-30 minutes. FSTR-30 contains no solvents, is odorless self-leveling and has a good open time. This material contains nearly 60% renewable content and qualifies for LEED credits. Stair nosings and transition strips are cemented in place with the same ease. Any unused portion may be resealed for later use. FSTR-30 works great in radiant heat floors where drilling and nails are not allowed. It adheres to almost any substrate including ceramic tile, VCT, wood, metal, and vinyl. FSTR-30 is packaged in 300ml cartridges, 50ml cartridges and 30ml cartridge kits.

See the FSTR-30 tackless strip pull-off test below:
You will actually rip the tacks apart, shred the carpet or pull apart the subfloor before the tackless strip will release from the floor.