P-52 Swift Lift Anchor


The P-52 Swift Lift Anchor is hot forged from carbon steel. The formed head provides spherical seating that the Lifting Eye engages, while a disc-shaped foot is embedded in the concrete.

Due to its being a forged part, the Swift Lift Anchor does not depend on welds or thread engagement to develop its safe working load. Forging provides maximum safety with its advantageous material structure. This allows the anchor to easily meet the OSHA requirement of a 4 to 1 factor of safety.

In addition to the carbon steel anchors, Type 304 or 316 Stainless Steel Swift Lift Anchors are available on special order. Use stainless steel anchors when maximum protection against corrosion is required.

For safety, refer to the P-52 Swift Lift Anchor Selection Chart on page 31 to determine the actual safe working load of an individual anchor. The MAXIMUM safe working load is clearly visible on the head of the anchor for easy recognition of the appropriate hardware and accessories for-use with each Swift Lift Anchor

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