Door Armor Self-Adhesive Film

Protect many doors for large construction projects with Door Armor. This heavy duty, co-extruded film resists and prevents marks and scratches. It has a unique resin that adheres to almost all smooth and lightly textured surfaces. Use it on factory finished metal and wood doors, composite, even glass; without the risk of adhesive residue. This door protection film is easy to apply and allows for fast application and removal.

Available in 35″ x 150′ for front and backside door protection, and 6″ x 150′ for door edge and panic bar protection.
for faster application. The 35″ box can be used as a dispenser as well as an alignment tool for precise application. Just align the box with the bottom of the door and pull Door Armor onto the face of the door. Contact our customer service department with any questions on this exciting door protection film.