Unirail Screed Rail

UNIRAIL 40-60 and 70-120 are a cost-efficient screed rail system produced by precision forming from galvanized high-strength steel, providing excellent dimensional tolerances and stability during screeding operation. It is suitable for internal and external applications.

The system consists of the basic UNIRAIL 40-60 Screed Rail. The UNIRAIL model 70-120 can be created by adding installation feet to the UNIRAIL 40-60. The UNIRAIL 70-120 enables the depth of the screed to be continuously adjusted up to 120 mm.

UNIRAIL 40-60 and 70-120 provide a guide for the screeding mechanism, which can be a manually operated straight edge, vibrating screed machine with striker tubes. The UNIRAIL 40-60 and 70-120 permit the accurate passage of the screeding mechanism along their length, and the screed material placed between the rails is accurately leveled off to the correct height and flatness.

A plastic top extender can be fitted to the top edge of the rail to provide a smooth, non-abrasive running face for any screeding mechanism and also to increase the overall height of the UNIRAIL 40-60 or 70-120.

SKU Description Mfg Part #
UNIRAIL 4060 UNIRAIL 40/60 9′-10″ UNIRAIL 40-60
UNIRAIL 70120 UNIRAIL 70/120 Feet UNIRAIL-70-120


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