7″ Universal Grinder-Vac Kit With Convertible Shroud

7″ Universal Shroud Kit (Convertible-includes hinge piece for edging)

7″ Universal Grinder-Vac Kit with Hinged Dust Shroud for edging.

The universal shroud kit is an economical “no frills” kit that enables simple adaptation to numerous make 7″ and 9″ 15 Amp grinders.

Kit includes a shroud with hinged edge, collar clamp, and an assortment of rings to adapt different model grinders. Uses standard 2-1/4″ hose; hose is not included.

Please Note: In order to mount a non-threaded diamond cup wheel or Zec a variety of threaded adaptors are provided with the kit. For cup wheels with a 5/8-11 thread, you will need to use spacers on the shaft of the grinder to make sure the cup wheel sits just under the shroud.

Part No. SX13650

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