Gasoline Breaker

The BH 65 gasoline demolition hammer is characterized by the highest single impact stroke energy and the best power-to-weight ratio. With 65 joules, it is the most powerful gasoline demolition hammer in its class and only has low hand-arm vibrations in the process. Together with the low-emission Wacker Neuson engine, the BH 65 is an efficient and productive companion on any job site. The prove EPA-certified  Wacker Neuson two-cycle engine is specifically designed for tough, low exhaust emission engine offering long service life.



  • Very high single stroke impact energy of 65 joules thanks to the percussion system that is optimally adjusted to the engine
  • 24 kg weight
  • Economical and low-emission Wacker Neuson motor of in-house design
  • Simple percussion system maintenance on site with a small grease gun over the central zerk fitting
  • 4.6 m/s² hand-arm vibrations*
  • Improve cooling system offers greater operator comfort, safety and service life.
  • Large, over-sized fuel tank reduced refueling interruptions and provides for long run times.
  • The centrally located grease nipple makes maintenance easy, as it allows the complete machine to be greased on the ob site with a small grease pump.
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