Snaplugs are precast, high strength cement compound plugs designed to plug tie cone holes in concrete. Snaplugs provide faster installation than conventional patching methods with less mess and waste. Snaplugs are gray in color, have a smooth surface and can be painted or sealed. Snaplugs are watertight and can be used interior or exterior, above or below grade. Available in 3 styles to fit most application requirements.


Snaplugs are used to fill the holes created by tie cones


  • Saves time and labor
  • Quick, easy installation


Product Code Description Packaging
304121 Snaplugs® Flush Gray 1 inch 1000
304122 Snaplugs® Reveal Gray 1 inch 2000
304124 Snaplugs® Reveal Gray 1 1/4 inch 500
303004 Snaplugs® Bonder 12 pint (0.47 L) jugs Per case

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