C Clamp For Beam Falsework (C90)

The C90 Clamp is designed as a longitudinal holding device for components in a falsework assembly. They are typically used to clamp angle iron to the bottom flange of a steel beam as a way to mount it on timber or other temporary supporting elements.

C90 Features & Benefits

The C90 Clamp is an engineered product that is manufactured from Forged Alloy Steel. It meets or exceeds all requirements for the clamp listed in California Office of Structure Construction, Falsework Memo No. 4 and 5.

C90 Specs

  • Rated Clamping force of up to 10 tons
  • Proof tested to 52 kips for over 2.5:1 Factor of Safety at full rated load
  • Made with 3/4-10 NC Grade 8 Bolt with Cup Point Hardened to Rc 45-53.
  • Clamping Force (lbs) = 80 x Bolt Torque (ft-lbs)
  • Remains in Elastic Range at 90 ft-lbs Torque
  • Rated Bolt Torque is 250 ft-lbs (650 ft-lbs max)
  • Its use should be restricted to beams with non-sloping flanges or flat angles and plates.
  • Holding force is dependent on the actual friction coefficient of the surfaces being clamped
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