Foam-Control® Plus+® Architectural EPS Insulation

ACH Foam Technologies’ Foam-Control® Plus+® is an architectural grade expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation product line with a high compressive strength and high R-Value. Foam-Control® Plus+® is a premium grade insulation. It’s designed to give architects, designers and contractors all of the benefits of a high quality insulation: strength + energy efficiency + moisture resistance, bundled together to equal a budget friendly product that will help keep project costs on track.

From frost-line to roof-line, Foam-Control® Plus+® is used in a wide range of applications. Perimeter insulation, underslab insulation, cavity wall insulation, sheathing, pre-cast concrete applications, green roofs, plaza decks, and waterproofing applications especially benefit from its exceptional strength, energy efficiency, and moisture resistant properties.


  • Below-Grade Insulation
  • Perimeter & Underslab Insulation
  • Cavity Wall Insulation
  • Sheathing
  • Pre-Cast Concrete Cores
  • Green Roofs & Plaza Decks
  • Waterproofing Applications


Foam-Control® Plus+® comes with a 50-year R-Value warranty. Regardless of thickness, density or application – the warranty is the same. The stable, long-term R-Values of R-5, R-10, R-20, and R-30 help reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

The closed cell structure of Foam-Control® Plus+® provides superior moisture resistance + consistent long-term performance in freeze-thaw conditions = performance you can count on.

Needs change and so do project requirements, sometimes a little too fast. Foam-Control® Plus+® is available in a variety of sizes and strengths, allowing it to keep up with rapidly changing needs. The 15, 25, 40, and 60 psi strength ensures less jobsite breakage and helps to protect walls and foundations during backfill. Foam-Control® Plus+® is available with Perform Guard®, a safe and effective additive that resists termites. Single 4’ x 8’ sheets are available up to 36” thick.

Well insulated buildings not only perform better, they also reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The energy efficiency of Foam-Control® Plus+® contributes credits to LEED certified projects. EPS contains no ozone depleting agents and is recyclable.

Moisture Resistance + Strength + Energy Efficiency