Soy Gel Stripper


Easily remove multiple layers of paint, urethane, acrylic, epoxy or enamel without the back-breaking work of sanding and chiseling – and without the odor of other furniture strippers!

Once applied, it starts to lift the coatings in minutes.After the finish has lifted, use a Carbide Scraper to remove the bulk of the softened finish. For final cleanup after stripping, we recommend using Emerge All-Purpose Cleaner for best results. Indoors or outdoors, you can be guaranteed a safe and easy restoration. Ideal for lead-based paint removal. The lead becomes encapsulated in the gel, preventing airborne particles and allowing for safe disposal. Does not contain methylene chloride. Cleans up easily with water.

Safe to use on wood, brick, stone, metal, plaster, concrete and many other surfaces. Do not use on plastic, PVC or rubber.

  • Very effective paint remover for paints, urethane, enamels, sealers, and many other coatings
  • Non-caustic, biodegradable, no toxic fumes
  • Removes multiple layers in one application
  • SAFE! No methylene chloride. Eco friendly. Safe for use indoors in your family’s home
  • Made with 100% American Grown Soybeans
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