Seamless Coquina Stone with Sea Shells

Coquina Stone is a sedimentary rock mainly composed of seashells or coral that takes years to produce and is expensive to process. Proline’s Seamless Coquina Stone with Sea Shells can provide you a charming aquatic texture with the low cost, durability and endurance of concrete. This piece is perfect for pool areas, as it has a natural traction when wet to prevent slippage. Accented with an array of chevron sea shells, starfish and sea horses, Coquina Stone with Sea Shells will add a beautiful compliment to any outside area. Check out our Dolphin Border Art and our Tropical Fish Border Art for enhanced charm. As with all of our Seamless textures, we offer this pattern in 6 versions of size and flexibility. See: 4CQS, 3CQS, 24CQS, 2CQS, 2CQSF.


5′ X 5′