Masteremaco Adh 327 RS

MasterEmaco ADH 327 RS (Formerly Concresive Paste SPL)

MasterEmaco ADH 327 RS is a two-component 100% solids nonsag epoxy adhesive. It is used for vertical, overhead, and horizontal applications. It is recommended for short-term or moderate-intensity loads and application when ambient or concrete-surface temperatures are in the 32 to 50° F (0 to 10° C) range. It may also be used between 50 and 70° F (10 and 21° C) when rapid curing is required.

Where to Use – APPLICATION

  • Sealing surfaces before epoxy injection
  • Pinning loose or broken masonry
  • Bonding of rigid materials
  • Fairing uneven surfaces, filling gaps and joints
  • Grouting bolts, dowels, and rebar into concrete
  • As a rigid, pick-proof security sealant
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How to Apply – Surface Preparation


  1. Substrate may be dry or damp, although dry surfaces product optimum results. New concrete must be fully cured (28 days minimum).
  2. Remove grease, wax, oil contaminants, and curing compounds by scrubbing with an industrial grade detergent or a degreasing compound.
  3. Follow with mechanical cleaning (refer to ASTM D 4258). Remove weak, contaminated, or deteriorated concrete by shotblasting, bushhammering, gritblasting, scarifying, or other suitable mechanical means. Follow mechanical cleaning with vacuum cleaning (refer to ASTM D 4259).


Remove dirt, grease, and oil with a suitable industrial-grade cleaning-and-degreasing compound (SSPC-SP-1). Remove rust and mill scale by gritblasting. Blast steel to white metal. Follow gritblasting with vacuuming or oil-free dry-air blast (refer to SSPC-SP-10 or NACE-2).


  1. The mix ratio is 2 (Parts A) to 1 (Part B). Mix only an amount of material usable before the pot life expires. Thoroughly stir each component before mixing.
  2. Measure (ratio) each component carefully and then add Part B (hardener) to Part A (resin).
  3. Mix Parts A and B using a low-speed drill (600 rpm) and mixing paddle (e.g., a Jiffy mixer).Carefully scrape the sides and bottom of the container while mixing. Keep the paddle below the surface of the material to avoid entrapping air. Proper mixing will take at least 3 – 5 minutes. Well-mixed material will be free of streaks or lumps.