SSTB Anchor Bolts


The SSTB anchor bolt is designed for maximum performance as an anchor bolt for holdowns and Simpson Strong-Tie® Strong-Wall® shear walls. Extensive testing has been done to determine the design load capacity of the SSTB when installed in many common applications.

The Simpson Strong-Tie® SSTB anchor bolts are now code listed by ICC-ES under the 2009 and 2012 IBC® and IRC® to meet the requirements of ICC-ES acceptance criteria AC 399.. ICC-ES ESR-2611 is the industry’s first code report issued for proprietary anchor bolts evaluated to the criteria of AC 399.

Special Features:

  • Identification on the bolt head showing embedment angle and model
  • Offset angle reduces side bursting, and provides more concrete cover
  • Rolled thread for higher tensile capacity
  • Stamped embedment line aids installation
  • Available in HDG for additional corrosion resistance



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  • SSTB is suitable for monolithic and two-pour concrete applications.
  • Nuts and washers for holdown attachment are not supplied with the SSTB; install standard nuts, couplers and/or washers as required.
  • On HDG SSTB anchors, chase the threads to use standard nuts or couplers or use overtapped products in accordance with ASTM A563, for example Simpson Strong-Tie® NUT5/8-OST or NUT7/8-OST, CNW5/8-OST, CNW7/8-OST.
  • Install SSTB before the concrete pour using AnchorMates®. Install the SSTB per the plan view detail.
  • Minimum concrete compressive strength is 2500 psi.
  • When rebar is required it does not need to be tied to the SSTB.
  • Order SSTBL Models (example: SSTB16L) for longer thread length (16L= 5 1/2″, 20L = 6 1/2″, 24L = 6″, 28L = 6 1/2″). SSTB and SSTBL load values are the same. SSTB34 and SSTB36 feature 4 1/2″ and 6 1/2″ of thread respectively and are not available in “L” versions.


  • One horizontal #4 rebar in the second course.
  • One vertical #4 rebar in adjacent cell for 5/8″ diameter SSTB.
  • One vertical #4 rebar in an adjacent cell and additional vertical #4 rebar(s) at 24″ o.c. max. for 7/8″ diameter SSTBs (2 total vertical rebars for end wall corner, 3 total vertical rebars for midwall).