Sawzal 18T 9Lg Ice Hardened 5Pk

Advantages over TiN (Titanium) Blades

  • Cryogenic heat treatment offers a permanent change to blade properties: With TiN coating, the wear rate is accelerated by high temperatures generated during cutting. The Ice Edge blades are less susceptible to high-temperature damage than TiN blades.
  • Ice Edge blades receive uniform treatment: TiN coatings are deposited by the PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) method. PVD does not produce a strong bond with the HSS edge wire since PVD is a low-temperature process. Thus, TiN coating easily wears out. It is also difficult to get the uniform coating on the teeth with the PVD process–given the complexity and small size of the teeth–so the full benefit of the TiN coating is not realized on reciprocating blades. Unlike TiN coating processes, the Ice Edge blade treatment results in a uniform, permanent change to the entire blade structure.
  • Cryogenic heat treat process improves hardness and wear resistance
  • Precision-ground teeth for optimized metal cutting
  • Radiused back face for increased tool strength, faster cuts, longer blade life
  • Positive rake on cutting edges removes chips
  • Nine-inch Sawzall blade has 18 TPI and is sold in a pack of five
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