Standard 5″ Base Plate

For use in steel construction. Can be welded to steel beams in fabrication shop or in the field. Allows for easy removal and re-use of posts.

(ships unpainted)

Installation Instructions: Weld base plates directly to structural beams at the perimeter of each floor and roof per guidelines below. Base plates can be welded onto the beams at the fabrication shop or in the field. If welded in the field, take care to tie off personnel appropriately per OSHA requirements during installation. Base plates must be welded by a certified welder using 7018 rod and provide a minimum 1/4″ thick weld along both flanges. Base plates should be spaced a MAXIMUM OF 10′ APART and should be centered on the steel beam in a straight line. Base plate should be positioned perpendicular to the beam, with open ends facing the interior and exterior of building. Hint: Tack weld base plate on inside to insure unit is light against beam before starting structural weld.


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