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Perimeter Protection Post Systems consist of base plates and a posts and feature several accessory items available seperately in order to meet the individual needs of our customers. Posts support the wire cables at the perimeter of the building and can easily be removed and re-used on future construction projects.

EZ Corner Posts are available in two different heights and are designed to be used anywhere a cable needs to be terminated. Typical applications include roof level corners, around elevator shafts, around stairwell openings, and on straight, long runs that require intermediate termination points. Attachment points and braces swivel to adjust to any angle. Braces transfer tension loads back into the building. Each Corner Post includes brace units.

Cables, turn buckles and crosby clamps to be supplied by others.

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Installation: Screw posts fully into the base plates and run up to a 1/2″ diameter cable (supplied by others) through cable locks and tension per OSHA standards with 1/2″ turn buckles. Clips are to face the interior of building with cables installed on the interior side of posts/building. POST CAN BE USED FOR A TIE-OFF FOR ONE MAN ONLY. TIE-OFF MUST BE BETWEEN UPPER AND MID CABLE ONLY. Ensure all posts and accessories are fully screwed into base plates before use.

Corner posts/center-support posts have extra stabilizers to support tightening the cable around corners and on long straight reaches. We recommend corner posts be used at all transitions of more than 45 degrees. We recommend center-support posts be used whenever a straight run exceeds 104′. When using a center-support, cable must be terminated at the center-support post so that when the cable is tightened the center-support post transmits the load to the beam. Where a corner or center-support post is needed, two (2) additional base plates need to be welded 23″ from the post that will be supported, as measured from the center of the post to the center of the base plate.

Warning – System does not allow for a tie-off to the cable.

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