ADA Detectable Warning Sytems


ADAAG/PROW/CA Title 24 Compliant

  • Pleasing architectural quality appearance and high performance product with geometry strictly compliant with all applicable codes.
  • Approved for use by all major municipalities, DPW’s and state DOT’s.

Superior Wear Resistance

  • Wear resistance properties far superior to that achieved with concrete based materials of any type.
  • ADA’s product will conform to irregular underlying substrates.
  • Eliminates hairline cracking observed in epoxy based and VPC (Vitrified Polymer Composite) based materials.


  • Virtually impervious to absorption (key indicator of durability) when compared to
    concrete, epoxy, or VPC materials. Not affected by chemical exposure.
  • Performs well when subjected to snow removal operations.
  • Easy to clean and replace when necessary.

Homogenous Materials allow for Superior Color Stability

  • Pigment is uniformly distributed throughout the thickness of our products
  • Long term color stability without the need for secondary coatings.

Download ADA Solutions Cast-In-Place (Wet Set) Replaceable Tactile Info

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Size Product Color Dome Spacing Sku
2 x 4 Wet Set Yellow 1.67″ ADA1
2 x 4 Wet Set Yellow 2.35″ ADA1CA
2 x 4 Wet Set Dark Gray 1.67″ ADA1GRAY
3 x 4 Wet Set Dark Gray 1.67″ ADA2
3 x 4 Wet Set Black 1.67″ ADA2BLK
3 x 4 Wet Set Brick Red  1.67″ ADA2BR
3 x 4 Wet Set Yellow 2.35″ ADA2CA
3 x 4 Wet Set Dark Gray 1.67″ ADA2GRAY
3 x 5 Wet Set Yellow 1.67″ ADA3
3 x 5 Wet Set Black 1.67″ ADA3BLK
3 x 5 Wet Set Black 2.35″ ADA3CA
3 x 5 Wet Set Dark Gray 1.67″ ADA3GRAY
3 x 5 Retrofit Dark Gray 1.67″ ADA3RETGRY
3 x 4 Retrofit Dark Gray 1.67″ ADA2RETGRY
3 x 4 Replaceable Black 2.35″ ADA4

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