Walk-Behind Trowels

Especially in enclosed spaces, working with electric trowels much more comfortable: No harmful exhaust fumes and reduced noise. That makes the CT range very user-friendly and also extremely productive and precise finishing. That is due to the 3-phase electric motor, the balanced design with optimal weight distribution and the robust device concept. Patented dynamically balanced trowels (when blades are turning) offer nearly effortless operation and maximum control at all speeds with all types  of blades including float pans.


  • Low maintenance
  • Convenient low weight for comfortable operation
  • Emission-free, thanks to the 3-phase electric motor
  • Very quiet operation
  • Available in 2 sizes of finishing diameter
  • Different engine options, ranging from 4.8 to 9 hp, and handle type can be selected to meet individual preferences and job site conditions.
    • Variable speeds: Low speeds for floating, high speeds for burnishing
  • Blade pitch up to 30° for better concrete  burnishing


  • 24 in: CT 24
  • 36 in: CT 36
  • 48 in: CT 48
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