MasterFlow 1205

High-performance duct grout for highly stressed steel

How does MasterFlow 1205 work?

MasterFlow 1205 is a cement-based pumpable grout with specially graded aggregate. It produces a pumpable, non-bleeding, high-strength fluid product with an extended working time. The specially graded spherical aggregate mitigates chloride migration while still allowing the product to be easily pumped over long distances through small openings. MasterFlow 1205 meets all the compressive strength and volume change requirements ASTM C 1107 (CRD C621) at a fluid consistency.

Recommended uses:

  • Pumping around post-tensioned tendons, cables, and high-strength rods to encapsulate and protect highly stressed steel from corrosion
  • Placing around end sections of unanchored cables and rods for subsequent tensioning
  • Filling voids in restricted spaces between wall panels, beams, and columns where grout will contact highly stressed steel
  • Grouting cable anchor-plates or other plates where grout will contact highly stressed anchorages

What are the unique features of MasterFlow 1205?

  • High compressive strengths
  • Hardens without bleeding, settlement, segregation, shrinkage or formation of voids
  • Minimum 1 hour pumpability at 90°F (32°C)
  • Prepackaged quality for bag-to-bag uniformity
  • Compatible with high-strength steel

What are the benefits of MasterFlow 1205?

  • Integral corrosion inhibitor for added protection of embedded steel reinforcement
  • Easy to pump or pour for ease of placement
  • Can be pumped or re-circulated for relatively long periods of time
  • Can be used over a wide range of mixed grout and placement temperatures

Download MasterFlow Data Guide