Flow Rock


FLOW-ROCK is a scientifically formulated nonmetallic pourable anchoring cement and grout. It is rapid setting and expansive. FLOW-ROCK is a non-shrink hydraulic cement with controlled expansion. It will self-level when mixed with water to a pourable consistency. FLOW-ROCK is nonrusting and contains no ferrous metals. Its controlled expansion grips the material to be anchored, locking it into place.

Flow-Rock Application

FLOW-ROCK may be used to anchor bolts, equipment, machinery, railing, reinforcing rod, signs, posts, etc. It may be used to grout columns, machinery, bearing plates and precast members. FLOW-ROCK meets ASTM C-1107 Grade C.

Flow-Rock Features

  • Fast Setting
  • Non-Shrink
  • Non-Metallic
  • Self-Leveling when Mixing to Pourable
  • Consistency
  • Controlled Expansion
  • High Compressive Strength
  • High Pullout Strength
  • Anchors by Expansion
  • Meets ASTM 1107 Grade C
  • Meets CRD 621

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