Scale Master II

The Calculated Industries Scale Master II is an advanced digital plan measurer designed to help quickly decipher plan and take-offs. You can select from 91 built-in scales, including customized scales created from out-of-scale images. There are many functions such as measuring and scanning between U.S. and metric units, solving for linear, area, and volume option to add PC interface for transferring information to spreadsheets or other estimating programs. This versatile tool is perfect for architects, contractors, landscapes, excavators, pipeline builders, telecommunications, and any professional that depends on accurately scaled blueprints and plans.

Product Highlights:

  • Converts between scales and dimensions
  • Linear, rectangular area, and volume take-offs
  • Bi-directional reading and PC interface capable
  • 91 built-in scale settings
  • Dimensional units, square and cubic format
  • Count, auto-count, and constant features
  • Auto shut-off
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