SuperTie™ CRFF 1000

SuperTie™ Coil Rod Form Fixture 1” offers an ultimate tensile strength of 34,000 pounds (17,000 pounds safe working load at 2:1 safety factor) and is most commonly used with the job-built (plywood and 2×4) forms and hand-set modular forms. The fiberglass rod diameter is 1” inch, making the system compatible with most commercial forming systems.

SuperTie™ Bearing Plate BP300

The bearing plate is a required component with the SuperTie Coil Rod Form Fixture. The BP300 is a 5”x5” steel plate with a 1 1/8” dia. hole and fits the 3/4”, & 1” Coil Rod.

Non-Corrosive Fiberglass Coil Rod

RJD Fiberglass Coil Rod (3/4”) utilizes a specially blended and formulated custom engineered resin, made in the USA, combining ultimate tensile strength and the RJD Form Fixture (CRFF) strength. Do not use any non RJD engineered Rod with RJD grippers which could result in form failure and/or injury. RJD Fiberglass Coil Rod will never rust, eliminating the need for breakback, plugging and patching allowing for superior architectural finishes.


CR1000 1″ dia. FRP Coil Rod
34,000 lb. ultimate strength
8 ft. lengths, gray color.
As Ordered 4.5 lbs per 8 ft.
CRFF1000 Form Fixture As Ordered 2.5 lbs per each
BP300 Bearing Plate As Ordered 2.1 lbs per each

Standard CRFF 1000 Rod Colors: Grey.

For custom rod lengths and/or custom colors, please call for quote and lead times.

Always use 2:1 safety factor when Engineering tie spacings, refer to ACI suggested tie spacing noted in the SuperTie Installation Guide

SuperTie Systems are sold exclusively through quality construction materials dealers. Call for the name of the dealer nearest you.