MasterFlow 668

Epoxy chock-grout for mounting equipment

Formerly: Masterflow 668B Chock Grout


How does MasterFlow 668 work?

MasterFlow 668 chock grout is a three-component modified epoxy resin-based grout. It is used where high performance properties are required in less-accessible spaces subject to thermal shock and high vibrations. It can be placed from ½ – 3” (12.75 – 76mm) thick on a base grout pour, directly to the concrete or steel-to-steel.

Recommended uses:

  • Precision routing or machinery
  • Grouting of reciprocating gas compressors
  • Grouting of steam and gas turbines
  • Steel-to-steel chock grouting
  • Where conventional epoxy grouts cannot be used due to limited access

What are the unique features of MasterFlow 668?

  • Highly flowable to conform to worn or irregular surfaces
  • Excellent physical properties at a wide temperature range

What are the benefits of MasterFlow 668?

  • May be used to replace metal chocks, eliminating costly milling
  • Low creep over a wide temperature range minimizes deformation under sustained loads


MasterFLow 668 Data Guide

MasterFLow 668 Installation Guide

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