Vapor Barrier Tape – PERMINATOR TAPE

Overlap Seam Tape

PERMINATOR TAPE is a self-adhesive tape, used in conjunction with the application of PERMINATOR underslab vapor barrier.

PERMINATOR TAPE is for use in sealing vapor barrier seams and attachment to footings, protrusions, etc.


  • Backing stabilized to resist the effects of UV exposure.
  • Product is very conformable.
  • Maintains a watertight seal in all weather conditions.

PERMINATOR TAPE is offered in 4″ (10 cm) widths and roll lengths of 180′ (55 m), 12 rolls/carton.

One box of tape will adhere approximately 10 rolls of PERMINATOR.

Surface PreparationThe PERMINATOR TAPE area of adhesion should be free from dust, dirt, and moisture, to allow maximum adhesion of the pressure-sensitive tape.

Sealing Seams/Attaching to Footing … All joints/seams in the vapor barrier application, both lateral and butt, should be overlapped 6″ (152.4 mm) and taped using PERMINATOR TAPE. The most efficient installation method includes placing PERMINATOR on top of the footing and against the vertical wall. This will sandwich PERMINATOR between the footing, vertical wall, and poured concrete floor (see illustration below). This will help protect the concrete slab from external moisture sources once the slab has been placed.


Sealing Protrusions … Cut a slit around pipes, ductwork, rebar and wire penetrations to place the initial layer of the vapor retarder. To further protect the concrete slab from external moisture sources, use a piece of vapor retarder and place a collar around these as well.

1. Cut a piece of PERMINATOR a minimum of 12″ (304.8 mm). The length should be 1 ½ times the pipe circumference. With a roofer’s knife or scissors, cut “fingers” half the width of the film. (See figure 1.)

Vapor Barrier Perminator Collar Illustration

2. Wrap around and tape the collar onto the pipe and completely tape fingers to the bottom layer of PERMINATOR, as shown in figure 2.

Vapor Barrier Perminator Collar Installation Drawing

In the event that PERMINATOR is damaged during or after installation, repairs must be made. Cut a piece of the vapor retarder large enough to cover any damage by a minimum overlap of 6″ (152.4 mm) in all directions. Clean all adhesion areas of dust, dirt and moisture. Tape down all edges using PERMINATOR TAPE.