SuperTie™ CRFF 0500 (1/2”)

SuperTie™ Coil Rod Form Fixture 1/2” offers an ultimate tensile strength of 15,000 pounds (7,500 pounds safe working load at 2:1 safety factor) and is most commonly used with the job-built (plywood and 2×4) forms and hand-set modular forms. The fiberglass rod diameter is 1/2” inch, making the system compatible with most commercial forming systems.


CR0500 1/2″ dia. FRP Coil Rod
15,000 lb. ultimate strength
8 ft. lengths, gray color.
As Ordered 1.5 lbs per 8 ft.
CRFF0500 Form Fixture As Ordered 1.5 lbs per each
BP615 Bearing Plate As Ordered 1.1 lbs per each