Coil Tie D30 She-Bolt

D30 She-Bolts are heavy duty, reusable form ties for medium and heavy concrete construction.


She-Bolts are used in conjunction with D1 or D18 Inside Rods to form tie in a wide range of formwork thickness


  • The D30 She-Bolt has a coil thread and is available in 3/4″ through 1-5/8″ diameters in 1/8″ increments.
  • SWL provides a factor of safety of approximately 2 to 1
  • She-Bolts are meant to be reused, but they do wear so they must be continually inspected. When wear or damage is noted, they must be replaced.
  • A water-proof grease should be applied to the embedded portion of the she-bolt to facilitate removal.
  • Standard sizes are listed in the chart. Other than standard sizes are available on special order.

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