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Durajoint PVC Waterstop is a product designed for use in concrete construction containing joints, one side of which is subject to hydrostatic pressure. The material is gray in color. Durajoint is used as a barrier within the joint to prevent the passage of liquid through or across the joint. It is embedded in the concrete on both sides of the joint and spans the joint. It is designed to accommodate lateral and transverse movement which can cause a joint to open, close or misalign.


Durajoint is used in portland cement concrete construction to prevent the passage of water through expansion joints and construction joints, particularly in on grade and below grade structures, where water has to be kept out, or kept in.


Durajoint is extruded from an elastomeric plastic compound consisting of virgin polyvinyl chloride and additional resins, plasticizers and stabilizers to meet or exceed the requirements and performance criteria of the Corps of Engineers Specifi­cation CRD-C 572-74. An arctic grade is available on request to meet Ontario Hydro Standard M-264-81

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