HA HAQ – Heavy Post Anchors

Design Features

Accommodate heavy column bases and rough-sawn posts, glu-lam timbers or heavy-duty fence construction where high structural values and durable performance are part of the specifications. Anchors should be set in position before pouring concrete. Erection nail holes are provided to speed up installation. These anchors are now available in width of 7¹⁄₈” for use with LVL and PSL engineered wood products.


HA44 through HA612, ³⁄₁₆” steel; HA7
through HA1212, ¹⁄₄” steel. HAQ, 7 ga. galvanized
steel. Values have 33¹⁄₃% seismic increase included
in the design loads.

Moisture Barrier Material

HA44 through HA9, 7 ga. steel. Larger sizes have ¹⁄₄” moisture bearing. Finish KC® SUPERSPEED® gray paint.

Special Finish

HA44, HA46 and HA66 galvanized steel.

Ordering/Specifying Information

To specify screw type use “Q” after regular stock number of HA. Example: HA44 now is HAQ44. KC® SUPERSPEED® Drive Screws (SDS ¹⁄₄ x 2) wood screws (12) included with product

Download HAQ Product Information

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