Small Submersible Pumps

Applications: For commercial, industrial, and home use worldwide where liquid must be transferred or recirculated. Applications include aquariums, swimming pools, water displays, ice makers, air conditioners, boat bailing, circulating water for welding and pipe threading machines, pumping mild chemicals such as soap solutions, acids, plating solutions, and fertilizers.

5.5 Series: Snappy John* 1/4 HP Submersible Sump/Effluent Pump designed to handle 3/8″ solids. Zinc housing, glass filled polypropylene base and cover, non-clog nylon impeller, thermal overload protection, 1-1/4″ FNTP discharge with garden hose adapter, snap-action float switch. “On” level at 7″ to 10″ and “off” level at 2″ to 5″.

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