Ardex (BACA) Bonding & Anti Corrosion Agent

ARDEX BONDING & ANTI-CORROSION AGENT™ is a twocomponent, brush or spray applied coating used as an anti-corrosion agent for reinforcing steel, as well as a bonding agent for fresh concrete or mortar to existing concrete surfaces that have been prepared for repair. Use ARDEX BONDING & ANTI-CORROSION AGENT as a bonding slurry on properly prepared concrete patches or apply it directly to reinforcing steel in concrete to protect against corrosion and rust once embedded.

Used in all types of horizontal or vertical concrete repairs and shotcrete installations, ARDEX BONDING & ANTICORROSION AGENT is recommended for all types of applications

  • Portland cement/epoxy-based coating
  • Two component system for easy field batching
  • Exceptional bond strength for concrete repairs
  • Protects reinforcing steel against rust and corrosion
  • Long open time
  • Allows concrete to breathe, can be applied above, on or below grade
  • Clean up with water only
  • Low VOC’s, non-flammable

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