DB-SAE Splicer

a.k.a Superior DB-SAE Dowel Bar Splicer

The Dayton Superior Dowel Bar Splicer is a one-piece unit, integrally forged from ASTM A615 grade 60 deformed rebar material. The splicers are available in #4 through #11 rebar sizes to be used in conjunction with the corresponding size dowelin to accomplish a mechanical splice designed to achieve 160% of specified yield (full mechanical ultimate). The splicer can be furnished straight (D-101-A) cut to length, 90˚ and 180˚ hooked (D-102-A and D-103-A) and doubleended (D-104-A) in plain or epoxy coated finish. The splicer can also be special-ordered with a reduced diameter washer flange or with the washer flange clipped (in more than one direction, if required) to provide adequate concrete cover, or to avoid interference. The D-104-A Double-Ended Dowel Bar Splicer is used to establish a direct load path through a concrete section, thus avoiding multiple hooked rebar and eliminating rebar congestion. The double-ended unit can be configured in a “U” shape for special applications.

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