SC Snap-Coil Tie

Multipurpose tie for job-built forms

The Steel Dog® Snap-Coil™ Tie is a multipurpose Transition Tie™ for “job-built” plywood concrete forms. With a standard-duty, button head snap tie electronically welded to a two-strut, ½” coil tie end, the Snap-Coil™ Tie allows the user to take advantage of the versatility of threaded coil rod for one-sided forming, long ties, and other purposes, while still using familiar, low-labor-cost means of attachment to formwork (slotted wedges, Jahn brackets).

  • Standard-duty, button head snap tie–½” coil rod adapter on the other end
  • Snaps off like normal button-head tie
  • Low cost solution for one-sided forming and adjustable-length ties
  • Welded to rigorous standards using computer-controlled equipment: each SC is as strong as a standard button-head tie
  • 2250 lbs Safe Working Load


  • One-sided forming (with epoxied coil rod, drop-in anchors, or other hardware)
  • Making on-the-spot long tieswith a length of ½”coil rod
  • Adjustable length ties(battered walls, unusual forming situations)
  • Blind side walls with Stay-Form® stay-in-place expanded metal mesh panels and Steel Dog® Rebar Hooks.

Download Snap Coil Spec Sheet