Concrete Form Ties and Wedge FT / WG

The FT form tie and WG wedge system allows concrete wall forms to be made from 2x nominal form lumber by accurately securing them in place while the concrete is poured. This product is intended for a maximum wall height of 4-feet.
FT – Connect 1x and 2x nominal form lumber in low foundation walls up to 4-feet high.
WG – V-shaped wedge assures rigidity and consistent form spacing.

Materials: FT – 18 gauge; WG – 14 gauge

Finish: G90 galvanizing



  • Use the Spacing Guide load table to determine spacing between FT units. Each level in load table assumes 12″ form boards. Wall thickness from 6″ to 12″.
  • Install with “V” facing up.
  • Use (2) WG wedges for each tie. Insert wedge into inside slots for 1x nominal forms and outside slots for 2x nominal forms.
  • No walers or stiff-backs are used.
  • Vertical ties to keep forms from separating are not included.
  • Form deflection may be substantial. Check deflection, if it is critical, and move ties to compensate.
  • Forming lumber is assumed to have fb of 1,000 psi.
  • Not recommended for pours greater than 4 feet in height.