Low Sheen Wet Look Lacquer


This wet look lacquer is a solvent-based, low-sheen, crystal-clear, deep-penetrating barrier coating for decorative concrete, stone and natural and man-made masonry surfaces. Low sheen wet look lacquer provides a damp to wet appearance, which enhances and beautifies the natural color of the applied masonry surface. The non-yellowing wet look lacquer barrier coating seals against food stains, gasoline, grease, oil, water and acid. Its deep-bonding formula resists peeling, chipping, cracking and UV degradation and delivers excellent resistance to the formation of efflorescence. When used on newly placed concrete, the sealer can help protect against spalling, dusting, freeze-thaw damage and alkali degradation. It remains hard even under extreme sunlight and delivers superior wear resistance. Its VOC-compliant formula works great indoors and outdoors to provide a breathable barrier that allows moisture to escape from the coated surfaces. It is also a great joint sand stabilized for interlocking pavers.


  • Resistant to oil and grease stains
  • UV resistant bond, non-yellowing
  • Fast drying and long lasting
  • Interior and exterior use
  • Retards efflorescence
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Water repellent
  • Easy to apply
  • Recoatable


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