QuicKey™ Clips

QuicKey™ is the only galvanized joint system that features knockouts for square dowels, which provide better load transfer over round dowels and also reduce edge curl on the slab.
Knockout sizes meet both ACI and PCA recommendations for the design of tongue and groove key joint.
LOCKING-TAB™ stakes provide a positive interlock between stake and key joint that eliminates floating or rising from the stake, minimizing high spots. The stake profile features a non-twist design which allows the stake to be driven at a straight angle.
Saves on installation time, stake quickly interlocks at any point with key joint, reducing time to place stakes precisely.
Stiffening ribs are designed for increased rigidity while installing.
QuicKey™ removable cap yields straight void ready for sealing.
Non-removable cap seals the joint because it stays in place.


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