LR Liquid Release

BRICKFORM Liquid Release, Colorless Bond-Breaker For Stamping BRICKFORM Liquid Release is a colorless bond breaker, formulated and recommended for use with all BRICKFORM Texture Mats and with many other architectural concrete texturing systems. BRICKFORM Liquid Release forms a lubricating barrier that prolongs the life of the imprinting tools by decreasing the friction between the mats and the concrete.

  • Prevents Mats Sticking To Concrete
  • Easy-To-Apply Liquid
  • Prolongs Tool Life
  • Interior/Exterior Use
  • Apply With Sprayer


BRICKFORM Liquid Release is used in the texturing process of both colored and uncolored concrete. It is also used as an alternative to powdered release agents that may not be desired in certain circumstances, such as interior projects. BRICKFORM Liquid Release should be considered for use on projects that are to be textured but colored later, with BRICKFORM Cem-Coat™ or Blush-Tone Acid Stain™, after the concrete has cured.


One gallon (3.785 L) of BRICKFORM Liquid Release will release approximately 150-250 (13.93 – 23.22 m2) square feet of concrete surface.


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