Acrylic Additive

Buddy Rhodes Acrylic Additive is a liquid acrylic polymer emulsion designed as an admixture for cement-based products. Primarily, it improves the bonding of the Buddy Rhodes Paste and makes it extremely hard. Acrylic Additive may also be used with the base mix to promote curing, reduce shrinkage, and increase stain and abrasion resistance

Use With

  • Buddy Rhodes Paste
  • Buddy Rhodes Counter Mix
  • Stamped and Colored Concrete
  • Any Dry Cementitious Mix


  • Makes Cement very Dense and Hard
  • Reduces Shrinkage
  • Promotes Curing
  • Improves Abrasion and Water Resistance
  • Improves Freeze-Thaw Resistance
  • Improves Concrete-to-Concrete Bonding
  • For Indoor and Outdoor Applications
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Stir or swirl Buddy Rhodes Acrylic Additive before use.

With Buddy Rhodes Color Paste – For the strongest slurry mix, use 100% Acrylic Additive with dry paste and mix to a yogurt consistency.

With Buddy Rhodes Concrete Mix – Substitute Acrylic Additive for a portion of the concrete mix water. Additive to Water ratios of 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4 will provide varying degrees of densification in the cured product. Experiment to find a ratio that produces your desired result.