F-64 Ferrule Loop Insert

The 3/4″ x 6 1/8″ F64 Ferrule Loop Insert is produced using a closed bottom ferrule that has been electrically resistance welded to a loop of wire. This makes for a strong, yet economical insert for use in attaching bridge overhang brackets to a precast concrete bridge beam.

A 3/4″-10 NC threaded bolt is used along with our C51 Wall Plate Assembly as the connection between the bracket and the concrete.

To obtain the required load carrying capacity, the 3/4″-10 NC threaded bolt must extend into the ferrule at least 3/4″. A torque of 65 lb. ft. should be used to properly tighten the NC bolt.

If an attachment bolt “bottoms out” before it becomes securely tighten against the wall plate or adapter plate, remove the bolt and use sufficient 3/4″ diameter cut washers under the head of the bolt so that the bolt can be properly secured. Minimum embedment into the insert shall be 3/4″.

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