ADI-CON CW PLUS – Waterproofing Admixture for Concrete

Waterproofing Admixture for Concrete

ADI-CON CW PLUS is a dry, free-flowing powder containing a blend of inorganic and organic chemicals, a small amount of sand, and silica-based materials. The reactive materials react with lime generated by the hydration reaction of cement and plug the capillary porosity, making concrete watertight under water-head pressure.

ADI-CON CW PLUS is an integral waterproofing admixture for Portland cement based concrete and mortars.


  • Chloride-free.
  • Provides integral waterproofing.
  • Increases chemical resistance.
  • Minimal effect on setting times.
  • Simple to use.
  • Dry powder.
  • Economical.

ADI-CON CW PLUS is supplied in 50 lb. bags. Also available in water-soluble 22 lb. bags for adding directly into concrete mixing trucks.

ADI-CON CW PLUS stored in a dry environment at temperatures above 40º F (4º C) has a shelf life of one year.

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Product Description


Chemical nature Blend of organic and inorganic chemicals
Physical form Free flowing, grey powder
Bulk Density (g/cm³) Approx. 1.4 g/cm³
Water pressure resistance 131-460′ depending on dosage and concrete mix design
VOC Content 0 g/L

Follow Gemite’s most recent application procedures and details to assure quality installation and application procedures with Gemite’s technical service.

Dosage … ADI-CON CW PLUS is used in quantities varying from 1 to 2% by the weight of cementitous material in the mix.

ADI-CON CW PLUS is mixed with concrete or mortar at the time of batching. The procedure for adding the admixture will vary according to the type of batch plant operation and equipment. Please contact W. R. MEADOWS for additional information regarding procedures in various batch plant operations. It is important to obtain a homogenous mixture of ADI-CON CW PLUS with the concrete or mortar. Do not add ADI-CON CW PLUS powder directly to wet concrete or mortar as it may cause clumping, without a uniform dispersion of the admixture in the mix.

ADI-CON CW PLUS is a reactive material. It may either accelerate or retard the setting characteristics of concrete or mortar depending on the specific cement chemistry, water/cement ratio, and temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the setting characteristics of specific concrete or mortar mix design prior to use. The required dosage will depend upon the application. It is the responsibility of the user to check with W. R. MEADOWS as to the suitability of this admixture in a given application. Contact the manufacturer for information regarding air-entrainment of concrete containing ADI-CON CW PLUS admixture.

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This material last updated March 2015.