Chapin 48 oz Janitorial/Sanitation Industrial Cleaner/Degreaser Sprayer

The Chapin Industrial Sprayer is designed for industrial strength cleaners and degreasers. It features a 48-ounce poly bottle, ergonomic handle, wide mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning and an anti-clog filter. This sprayer has an auto/manual high pressure relief valve and SealTite acid and chemical-resistant seals and gaskets. An adjustable poly cone nozzle allows a range of spraying, from fine mist to a coarse stream. The sprayer’s “Lock-off” feature prevents accidental discharge.

  • 48-ounce translucent poly bottle
  • Compatible with most industrial chemicals, suitable for homeowners too (check chemical manufacturers instructions)
  • auto/manual high pressure relief valve
  • Adjustable cone nozzle and shut-off with Lock-off feature to prevent accidental discharge
  • In-tank anti-clog filter
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